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Oh My!!!!! I think I am beginning to emotionally discharge my liver..... by cougar ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   2/24/2012 10:39:23 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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My stomach was all bloated last night and I woke up at 1am and had Diarrhea and was freezing.....classic stomach flu....did a home colonic and felt a little better and then made myself puke and felt good enough to sleep a little
exhausted and more flu like symptoms this morning....feel like a virus

Just yesterday I decided to do something that I have been thinking about for awhile.....write my angry letters to the people I need to give the anger to that I have been holding on to, mostly afraid of confrontation stuff and alienating myself so I also avoid it and do all this passive aggressive stuff. in making that decision (in writing this I am catharting....tears and laughter) I feel like i got some clarity around my liver congestion and the work that I am trying to learn in regards to managing my energy. I haven't been great at it honestly, but I do do it here and there. Yesterday i remembered and actually wrote down that I will write my angry letters. And I made that decision from a place of potency, not from passive aggressive.

I actually even reached out for help on this this morning. I wrote to my handwriting coach asking for letters that can support my releasing......Vimala Rodgers work: Your handwriting can change your life. The act of just reaching out for help even seems like a big deal....

and I wrote to this energy healer/psychic guy that I have worked with around managing my back what is not mine and taking back what I gave away. He has not been very good at responding to me via email when I ask a question but he has asked me one or two questions and I have gotten right back to him....questions about Iodine, since I turned him on to Iodine through one of my buddies.
My typical pattern would have been to not mention my anger at him, because I was asking for something, thinking he might not respond to me because I expressed my anger. So, I actually told him about it and decided to trust the process. and if he doesn't respond that is my answer and I have to trust that.

I would imagine some of you have naturally done this your entire life so you might not really get this, but I have let people walk on me most of my life so this is a really big deal for me.

And I might just chalk all of that off to coincidence but last weekend I repeated the first Visceral Manipulation class and guess what organs we worked on: Liver, stomach, small intestines and colon and gall bladder. My stools got darker and more well formed after the Liver work on thursday last week.

I also had some inspiration from my sis, she recently stood up to our father and other sister in a really healthy way.

I know the Iodine has a big part in facilitating all of this

thanks for all your continued support!!!

ps GinaGirl you mentioned a few weeks ago about Nux Vomica....does that feel appropriate here? What potency?

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