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Re: Oh My!!!!! I think I am beginning to emotionally discharge my liver..... by Ginagirl ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   2/25/2012 10:47:01 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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"ps GinaGirl you mentioned a few weeks ago about Nux Vomica....does that feel appropriate here? What potency?"

-Yes Nux can be used for influenza like symptoms. But only if the remedy picture fit your symptoms. If you are a Nux V type personality it can offer great improvements, if not it wont work at all.
That said; my experience with flu et al is that if it has got the hold of you it needs to stay the course; only thing that helped me shorten my last flu was to take loads of vit c; and iodine. This was 4 year ago; it took 3 days.

I used to be a typical Nux V. 25 so years ago; my homeopath used to say I was right from the textbook. Here is some links; with the most typical symptoms marked "".

"Colds and influenza
In homeopathy, nux vomica is an effective medication to treat cold and influenza. It is given to patients suffering from runny catarrh during the day, particularly when they are in a warm room, and congested nose during the night. In such cases, some patients may experience sneezing, throbbing throat, dry and scratchy coughs, watery and sensitive eyes, headaches and/ or influenza accompanied by painful muscles and fever along with tremors. It has been proved in homeopathy that nux vomica is very helpful in curing symptoms of some of the most aggravating cold and flu effectively. People who suffer from bothersome cold that is related to a runny nose during the day and congested nose at nighttime will be highly benefitted if they turn to nux vomica. In addition, taking this homeopathic medication also helps to alleviate various other symptoms like shivering, fever as well as excruciating and rigid joints that people usually endure when they have flu. The homeopathic remedy nux vomica is also helpful in providing relief from scratchy and irritated throat conditions that are caused by coughs. "

"Oversensitive; to external impressions; to noise, odors, light or music ( Nux m. ); trifling ailments are unbearable. Constipation; with frequent unsuccessful desire, passing small quantities of faeces; sensation as if not finished.

Nux vomica has frequent desire for stool; anxious, ineffectual, feel better for a time after stool; in morning after rising; after mental exertion.

Alternate constipation and diarrhoea

Ps if the remedy fit your symptoms I would start with the potency 200 c, 5 pills once daily for a week.


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