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Re: Emergency Room Visit for High Blood Pressure: Need some help by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   3/1/2012 6:07:40 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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 Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. I will point out a couple observations that I have made. 

1. I was getting Vitamin D-3 from several sources and wonder if that precipitated an increased level in my serum plasma, which might increase the BP?

Yes, this could be playing part of the role since the D can raise your calcium more.  I glanced back over you original post a while ago and noticed a few other things you mentioned that I will go back and address.  

2. Blood Pressure has decreased ince getting off of all Vitamins (including Vitamin D) and using:

Be careful with ingesting clay.  Clay generally contains a lot of calcium, but also a lot of aluminum and heavy metals. 

Before olive leaf became popular as an antimicrobial its primary use was as a sedative.

Magnesium citrate will definitely help.  It does not address the epinephrine, but magnesium is a natural calcium channel blocker.  You also mentioned in your earlier post about muscle twitches, which indicates a magnesium deficiency.   I prefer magnesium malate, but magnesium citrate is a close second choice.

Ashwagandha will help with epinephrine-associated hypertension due to its supportive effect on the adrenals and by increasing GABA levels.  Ashwagandha is also a natural ACE inhibitor.  So this is a very good choice.

I do not know what the ingredients are in this one.

3.  I have used deep breathing (abdominal) to calm bodily systems.

Just some ovservations that I have recently made.

Getting back to the high blood pressure and pulse, as I mentioned earlier this sounds like epinephrine induced hypertension.  Of course there are various things that will raise blood pressure such as calcium, ACE, insulin, prostaglandin inhibitors, water retention, etc.  But most things that raise blood pressure will not raise pulse like that other than epinephrine.  Natural beta blockers such as ashwagandha are great choices for epinephrine induced hypertension as long as it is not induced from an adrenal tumor.  If this were the case though then I would expect a much higher BP and pulse.

In your case though it sounds like you may have more than one contributor to your high blood pressure though.  If your thyroid medications are not being controlled properly this can also contribute as well as your elevated serum calcium.


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