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Re: 4 weeks on 50 mg/d by cougar ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   4/7/2012 12:15:28 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Sounds like you are doing great!!!
Admittedly it is a sucky great. And when you are all alone doing this kind of thing it can be hard not to wonder if you are creating a sucky Bad experience for yourself!

And I totally get your took me a long time to get started, and then I bailed about 2-3months in because I was so cold and felt like I was going to get i stopped and got into something else for 15 months or so because I was struggling getting good info to support myself....I think I didn't ask enough questions here and I went away. And then came back to I and here and dug in and it makes sense so I won't stop now.

GG's post was great and she covered most of the bases, but I know how important it can be to hear from more real people that you are definitely not poisoning yourself!!!!!

I have been on I for 2 years. 100-200+mg/day. I am a difficult case or so it seems so I am not out of the woods yet, but I have been sick for years. I got off of hydrocortisone 1 year ago, so healing does happen!

My detox sucked the first several months or so. I often tell the story of one morning when i had pretty severe anxiety after taking my Iodine and I couldn't think straight and do anything useful and then I took my salt water and within an hour I felt a wave go through me and whoosh, the anxiety was gone.....for that day anyway!!!

How much salt/day do you do? 1 tspx3?

if you get edema or cramping from the salt you will need to add potassium chloride to the Sea Salt

you could possibly try upping your vitamin C
and you might try some herbal cleanses for: liver, kidneys, colon, parasites......just to make sure detox is working well.
I often need to do coffee enemas/colonics to help things move out.

Upping your dosage is a great suggestion. Sometimes detox is easier with more. And sometimes people find taking their Iodine two or three times/day helps too.

when I have my doubts I rewatch the Brownstein and Flechas videos ....those always lift up my spirits and remind we why I doing this crazy Iodine thing!

I will post my list of links in a new thread.

keep asking questions and checking in and sharing and asking for support. That is what we are here for.

I would suggest you consider giving yourself a memorable screen name, I know at least for myself I can track people better than a number that way.

Wo wohnen sie? Ich habe familie in Schriesheim, in der nahe Heidelberg, und auch in Karlsruhe.


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