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Re: Meal Replacement by UnCanned ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/29/2012 9:57:21 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I don't eat HEAVY protein, I just DO NOT eat carbs.
Carbs give me gas. Carbs make my colon ferment, I can hear it, and feel it. Carbs cause inflammation and make me bleed. I think I know what causes me problems, it's not that I "CANT" eat them it's that I know and feel better NOT to. As of 4 months ago I was eating a bag of chips a day, tortillas, lots of beans, etc, it's "livable" but not pleasant at least not until my SIBO is handled.

I CAN handle carbs better if I ONLY eat carbs ( no protein little fat ) but then you are hungry ALL the time. I've done Elimination Diets , I've experimented with almost everything, I've got a full herb medicine closet to rotate through for trying to fix myself. I take it slow, I test each thing be it food or medicine to see how I react.

Anthony, FWIW Lima Beans and other legumes can inhibit your ability to digest protein... I'd suggest researching what you should and you shouldn't eat together regarding your protein problem. Also, I`m not sure about YOU but I've been tested, I know what my problems are you sound like you may be guessing still. I suggest a comprehensive stool analysis, comprehensive blood test, Ultra Sound, and more if needed to figure out if your organs are having any problems. Me, my organs, are normal and healthy. I have no gall stones, and no blocked bile ducts. My gallbladder is performing normal, and I don't consume high protein, I consume protein, and veggies and very small amounts of fruit once a day most days.

I'm eating primarily what our ancestors did before the carb/grain frenzy of modern time. I know my diet isn't for everyone, but in almost all of your posts you keep projecting and that's not healthy for anyone.

I have no problem eating veggies, it's the bacteria on UN COOKED/Steamed/Boiled that I do not want to risk polluting my small intestines, and why a RAW juice fast is impossible/dangerous for me at this time.(I was juicing a lot until I found out my bacteria can come from raw/"dirty" veggies)

Beets are tasty, but they are also INSANELY high in Sugar so are carrots. Beets + Kale I can notice inflammation get better but beets also cause other problems, so I switched to steamed kale.

I hope my information helps, and I`m sorry if I come across rude but I've done my homework, I spend at least 50 hours a month researching medical studies, and in the last month have spent over 100 hours. I am young, my health is my life, and I`m lucky I can dedicate so much time into research, analysis and can afford to try different tests, and medicines.

I`ll be glad to help anyone just post your question and or msg me.

I`m not selling anything.
I`m not affiliated with any stores.

The biggest issue is there is FAR MORE to understand than just Food X causes Y, so so much more is connected in our body and is related to everything.


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