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New to CZ, possible worm/alien host by probablealienhost ..... Parasites: Skin Support

Date:   5/8/2012 2:51:55 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hello everyone, nice to be here., I'm enjoying the very interesting posts especially the large amount of relevant content to my life. Here goes nothing, I'm drawn to this site because I believe there is a foreign organism living in my body. I need to collect and share information about this experience because I feel there isn't alot of education about this. I originally read a post by wormaway who posted photos of a specimen which he passed. It was of an stonishingly similar shape to the lestions that have been manifesting all over my body. Occasionally provoke the lesions physically with tweezers or I chemically experiment with DE, Hydrocort. windex. isopropynol, vselinea and etc then i usually notice a large reduction of blood circulation..I'm currently taking cephalexin rx'd by my dermatologist, been on for 1-1/2 weeks, ive also been rx'd quetiapine (anti-psychotic) by emergency room doctors after i claimed to have a worm trying to exit through my foot. apparently having many similar worm shaped bleeding lesions wasn't enough evidence to deem parasitic. needless to say i haven't taken any of the quet. i just don't feel that med was necessary for what i originally went in for.

i just missed a week of work to try to figure this out but i have yet to come to a conclusion. i'm back to work now with a very sore foot that feels like its about to buckle at the ankle with every step. the pain has only been around for aout 2 weeks now. this morning i had an other attack of what felt like a worm exiting foot via lesion. i messed around, trying to tease it out to no avai for about half an hour and losing circulation for 10 min after that. It is really starting to consume my life and i believe there are better things to do than to fiddle with worms. i believe i can get to the cause and cure to this ailment, especially since i've read a few success stories which posted here.

medical update: just put baking soda on it and now i'm feeling them come out of my skin all over. they seem to react to this quickly, maybe because the sodium bicarb is getting pumped through my bloodstream. it's not good because i'm feeling very constricted right now, especially a big pain in my foot. i'm also feeling very woozy.. maybe if there was way to isolate the NaHCO3 application to the organism, wow i hope i can post pictures of this. i'm slowly learning, pls bare with me. please post questions or comments thank you.

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