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Re: My Entamoemba Histolytica Story - for UnCanned by shrimpy123 ..... Parasites: Protozoa

Date:   5/10/2012 9:42:46 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Drug resistance is a real and serious issue. One of the reasons the medicines used for Histolytica are so effective can simply be because almost no doctors use them for their patients on regular basis without diagnose"

man, it is blessing in disguise that m*o*o*n doctors do not know the proper meds for Eh. and that is why it is so affective and not so widely used like Metronidazole.

That m*o*o*n and indeed criminal doctor John. E Asher of Jetti Katz, who touts as one of the best labs, still uses only METRONIDAZOLE.

After practzing medicine for more 40 some years, John Asher does not the proper meds for EH. Well this tells the state of affairs.

When some guy asks me like UNCANNED, what is the miracle CURE, I am really sad? It is so simple, and it is on the books, But doctors never do their home work.

Ma, yes, I also want to add that some people after going to Cahill and taking the meds, simly rush and think they did not get better because they do not feel 100% after a couple weeks.

They do all kinds of krazy things, like going to Gastro idiots, as if they are going to find anything.... And they try this and that for candida or some other asumed cause, not even suspecting as Cahill tell each patient that healing takes time, because EH is a massive infection and has destroyed one's tissues, and bowel is badly badly damaged.......

Eh is a very very "cunning" parasite and even the damage it does leaves one thinking after it is dead that one is not CURED.

One's body will be posioned for months, and it will not heal quickly, not surely within weeks. One can rush and do all these other things, at one's own risk.....; patience is key...


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