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Re: CNS symptoms in Strongyloide disseminated hyperinfection-has anyone used just herbals successfully on this? by bentnail ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   5/15/2012 10:40:04 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Thank you China and Buddhablessed

It means a great deal to me that others are out there struggling with the severity of this. I don't feel so alone.

Was beginning to doubt myself after seeing so many doctors. It amazes me that these parasites can cause symptoms from top of the head to bottom of the feet; that it's strongyloidiasis and such diverse symptoms are all connected.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire now, it appears.

Relieved to know, but scared at how chronic everything I've read says. I'm just making headway with the scabies problem, after struggling with that over a year, and now I find THIS. CR*P!!!

I now suspect I may have had strongyloides for several years but don't know why the "scratches" suddenly appeared. Only seen 2 more since the first 4. I hope that's a good sign.

My main worry is what looks like meningeal symptoms (stiff neck, blurred vision, light sensitivity, headaches). Have you had any of that?
I'm SO hoping that it's a "die-off" of the critters not a growth of them, since I've been taking a lot of VCO coconut, olive leaf, cayenne and a few other things.

I'm waiting for para herbs that I ordered, was going to stop the above coconut etc. and switch to the para herbs...quite worried that I might have even more "die-off" in my head since I seem to have a lot of movement there.

(I read the strongys go to body extremities. I know I also have them in my feet. My feet look very weird, the soles are all mottled red and yellow)

What can I expect from a strongyloides big die-off? (hopefully if I have one)

Thanks for the info on diet-I'm off gluten, sugar, the usual "white" foods etc. Trying to eat clean and healthy. It seems that parasites think Sugar is caviar...I don't want to nurture them, I want them to get the ____ out of Dodge.

I'm also trying to get rid of a tape. It's not "biting" me at the moment so I guess the D.E. is working. (Although D.E. may have helped pushed the strongyloides and who knows what else out of my GI. I don't know if D.E. had something to do with the dissemination or if I got so overloaded it would have happened anyway.)

Buddhablessed, how did you make the dandelion juice? What plant parts did you use?

China, I have heard of liver flushing. I read that it's better to kill parasites at least some of them before the Liver Flush or it can be very difficult?

At least my lungs feel much better since I coughed up all that "foamy chunk" stuff. Must have been larva/eggs?



(sorry post is too long again-tend to write too much)

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