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Re: Calcium channel blocker by ways_of_wisdom ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   5/25/2012 10:21:27 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Thank you for your input.   I'm sure you're on to something here, I once read that problems with magnesium and potassium were common in hypothyroid patients, also because the parathyroid is so close to the thyroid it's practically inevitable that it will be affected as well, and it's been clear to me for some time that I have a mineral imbalance as I feel the constant need to take the "4" but not always in the same amount.  During my previous thyroiditis attack soaking my feet a few times in hot water with Epsom Salt took my palpitations away but this time magnesium was not helping much, and when I took calcium I felt better.  But another day after rubbing some "magnesium oil" on it started to calm down.  I've also had to play with my powdered potassium bicarbonate, omitting it entirely some days, so naturally, I'd prefer for my own body to regulate them itself.  

I had wondered about raw milk products because I've bought organic cream cheese a couple of times and did not react to it with worsened nasal congestion like it was happening with the regular one, maybe next time I go to the health food store I'll buy some raw milk cheddar instead of the even more expensive goat gouda I've been buying in very small chunks as a very special treat, so thanks for posting that!

I agree that a healthy liver is key and your opinion reinforces the thought that I need to address that above all.  I'm very afraid of liver flushes though so I'm going to stick with something else.  I'd been taking Triphala but it really doesn't seem to be helping much or maybe I'd just not been taking enoug...  I was and doing castor oil packs but tgot tired of that so I stopped and only restarted last week.  They did help, especially when I started feeling pressure and/or aches on the upper right side of my abdomen and I had gotten better, but then I regressed and lately I've gotten worse, maybe because I'd been eating a lot of regular butter, the only dairy product that didn't seem to obviously bother me.  But I think the gluten/casein eating is what has done a number on me each and every time so  I've vowed to "clean up my act" for good and have begun eating organic foods too.  I bought an "OTC" milk thistle supplement and plan to order a better one online, hopefully with other liver supporting ingredients, I'm also going to order Dr. Christopher's Liver & Gall Bladder Cleanse because it sounded good as I'm sure I must have stones.  The other night after I put on my castor oil pack I developed an ache that lasted for hours so I think the pack caused one of them to try to pass through and it got kind of stuck, but the next day the ache was gone.  I'd felt a less intense ache before and then put the pack on and it made it go away, this was the first time the ache came after I put the pack on.  I also noticed that after my attacks began unless I had a digestive enzyme (w/ox bile) my gut would begin to grumble right after a meal and I'd need to go to the bathroom soon after, some days I had several BMs but sometimes felt worse rather than better, my impression was of being pretty toxic, so I've stuck with OP at least once a day.


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