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Re: Overly Opinionated by #136970 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   6/2/2012 10:09:58 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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"I seem to have to give my two cents and it's usually quite critical. This isn't like me, even with my strong opinion, I try to take the time to listen and think of other people feelings, also offer positive thoughts but lately it just seem like I'm more irritable and negative."

People are not yet recognizing that the 2012 effect is not an "event" but simply a shift of energy.  A shift of energy from a body level to a higher spiritual level.  As the energy on the Planet shifts (and it has been doing so much more rapidly since the 1960s - read some of the Ken Carey's books) to a higher level  you are witnessing and experiencing internal conflicts which result in more external conflicts and more and more outright rebellion and demands for more individual freedoms than have never been experienced before on such a wide spread scale.  Those in power all over the world are resisting this power shift because they want the old power structure to remain so that they can reap all the material benefits from the have nots.

The Planet is experiencing an explosion of this shift of energies.  Bodies are reacting to it with more rebellion, violence, murders, political changes (liberal vs. ultra conservative in the U. S. A. is a great example), and fiscal power struggles (the haves and have nots).  This will continue to accelerate by the end of this year.  

If you recognize that you are an eternal spirit and you are not your body you won't get caught up in the body games of open criticism and conflict with others, but will recognize that it is part of the process as we all grow and change here on Planet Earth.  Each time we criticize others, we are really criticizing ourselves because each and every person on the Planet is our own mirror image from whom we are learning. 

We are each an eternal spirit on our way back to God.  Learn to ground, center, and grow and change and you will find that what is happening everywhere is simply a joy to watch and to learn from.


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