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Re: Photo of my stool lately....(WARNING GRAPHIC) by Michael B ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   6/22/2012 3:18:22 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hey Sobeman,

I want to share with you my opinion which you may disagree with, but I feel is accurate as far as my senses and reasoning go:

One- you still are affected by the karmic breakup you had. Find a good psychic and get back all your moving energy systems and remove any entities, spells, curses, etc. I, myself, am still dealing with the same crap that came over me and shut down my energy flow- which resulted in poor sleep, energy loss, inability to orgasm, weak erections, etc. sounds very similar to your issue. To me it was night and day obvious. To you, you may have been so enthralled with getting p*ssy that you lost yourself to her and the manipulations came right over you.

Second- Your protocol for candida was ineffective and you still have it. Try this out for just 1 week and see definitively how severe it is for you: Eat only greens like collards and kale for 1 week, and take a few pills of candex (an enzyme which digests candida's cell wall). If you have candida in your gut this will kill off some fungal colonies and you will pass them in your stool as white/yellow, brown/or green strings that resemble strings or wet toilet paper. It is only one week and will tell you for sure whether or not you have candida.

Also continue looking into heavy metal toxicity or any other hidden toxicity you may have been exposed to. You never could be living or working in a place that some well meaning but ignorant person broke a few halogen light bulbs in, which would expose you to sufficient mercury to wreak havoc on you.

Best wishes,

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