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Re: Need help interpreting iodine tests from Hakala Research Labs. by #88546 ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   6/25/2012 8:45:47 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hi Cougar!

Thanks for your message.

I just started Iodoral 3 days ago at 12.5mg. I didn't buy Optimox Co-factors but I bought B2 and B3 separately in the same forms so hope it's OK.

As for the salt, I have to research that. I think some don't bother if they don't have symptoms? I may consider it as I crave salt a lot anyway I suspect because of low aldorsterone levels (still waiting for results) and someone said to put the salt in the boron water. I'm not sure though since the boron you drink 4 days and then none for 3 days. I will see. I don't like drinking a lot of salt in a glass of water. Too salty for me. I don't mind spreading it on my food but I don't know if it's enough even though I'm a saltaholic.

I just got the boron today and I'm excited to try it. I've tried EVERYTHING with no success. I'm still going to do the candida diet just may not be as strict which will make it easier and more enjoyable. Ginagirl didn't do a diet and she got better noticeably in 6 months. I'm so happy she posted to let me know as I was at my wits end.

Please be redundant with me! I need all the help I can get. I've been sick 25 years! I love Curezone. There are so many people here to help you!

I'm glad you're back on the Iodine. I know what it feels like to go down another direction and get sidetracked. I've done it many sometimes. Sometimes only due to not finding positive tests for what I thought I had but sometimes tests just are accurate. As for Iodine I tried Kelp with no difference so thought it wasn't an issue. Then I found out it can have heavy metals in it. And I think Ginagirl had no results either from it. So it just goes to show you sometimes it's good to keep reevaluating things and doing more research if you're gut is telling you you really feel there is a problem.

I'm determine to take Iodine the rest of my life as I see how important it is, regardless if I feel better from it or not but I'm hoping I'll notice a difference.

SSKI is another thing I have to research. I've seen people mention it but I don't know what it was. I thought maybe you took SSKI or Lugol's/Iodoral but looks like you can take them together.

Haha! You better stay away from that cider!!! I know what those nights are like! Thank god I don't have them frequently! :)

Thanks again for all your help. I will post more questions if I have any. I think I'll slowly work my way up to 50mg of Iodoral and then decide if I should taper down or go up to 100mg. Eventually I want to just take the 12.5 daily.

Take care!!!


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