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Re: lips are begining to have massive progress! by jsl123 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   6/29/2012 2:28:02 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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dont stop evening promise oils there great for people that have dry skin and we can get all the help we need by keeping the body rehydrated so our skin doesnt dry out. looking back now beofre i got ec i started to winge to my mum about always having dry skin! especially on my face.

these are the supplements i take keep supplements going for about 1 year i reckon then slowly bring the amount you use down. our immune system is in over drive because of our lips it doesnt no what the hec is going on and its trying to tell us something as in stop peeling me stop picking my lips stop stressing or what eva but something is wrong no doubt about it!

i take-
-a multivatim
- about 5 vitamin c tablets very good for you (sometimes more)
-vitamin c sodium ascorbate which you mix with water and drink it
-mega vitamin b
-resvatrol( snow got me onto this stuff its great for detox and all that stuff research it)
-liver detox (by swisse)
-syntol reasearch it awesome pre biotic pro biotic and its a candida killer and helps fight of fungi in the body!
-premium super greens (this is tablets and it has in it chlorella,barley grass and wheat grass) this stuff is amazing and good detox thing
-selenium (again snow got me on this stuff great to kill free radical toxins or what ever from over load of oxidative or something to do with stress get onto it!
-kelp tablets
-omega daily(fish oils lots of them daily)
-cod liver oils
-i also take this drink powder that i mix its to get your body rehydrated people take it when they have diahreera because they loose alot of fluids. i think its good anyway.

its alot i know but im going to go hard for 6 months to really boost my immune system and then maybe start slowing down the amount i take when i see more improvenments im going to go shop for more immune boostiing stuff i dont know for sure if this shit helps but i cant see how it doesnt boosting the body to help fight a condition its a no brainer to me but every body to them selves i suppose


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