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Re: Picture of my Lips by jsl123 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   7/8/2012 11:07:36 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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healing my top lip has peeled about 4 times since i started doing this and its about now 80% better whith just clear peeling but its not streetchy skin yet so its hard to smile! but i know that this is the process the main aim is to see the crust get thinner and thinner! my bottom lip well thats another story! its about 50% better but its has only peeled off twice sine i started so its still crusting! no i havent used anything but i hve purchased burts bees wax the original! which i plan on introducing after i reach 16 weeks. (4months) because i believe letting the crust fall off naturally is crucial. what i find strange and is bothering me a bit is im starting to get skin build up in the inner part of my bottom lip. i think this is because this is the main part were i used to get build up and i use to wipe it off every morning with tissues for about 1 year! i have ec for about 18 months! started using lip balms but i went through a stage of biting my lips the top lip in the middle! i think we have done so much damage to the lips due to all the chemicals and pulling we have done. most people that have really chapped lips just put lip balm on and it goes away. i think from me maybe biting when they were chapped caused this break out.

Now on to a second topic. imagine how dry our lips are right now! any normal person that does what we do ie drinks through a straw doesnt lick there lips at all and doesnt get their lips went much would defs get dry chapped lips. now when your lips get dry the top layer of skin becomes dead and begins to flake. i think its crucial when we get to final stages to moistuize the lips a little bit what are your thoughts. i dont find lip balms bad at all the right naturals ones. i mean girls put balms on there lips there whole lives! what are your thoughts

also overall my lips are about 65% better i do believe this is a process that will take 4-6 months to be fully cured. once my bottom lip peels 4 times i will begin to try shower twice a day istead of what i do now once a day. plus i have also began to spray a little bit of saline water on my lips during when i shower to keep germs and crap out of them.

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