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Re: Success curing anal fissure by pgsmith ..... Success Stories Forum

Date:   8/5/2012 11:06:38 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I would like to share my experience in the hope it will bring some relief from the horrible burning and pain of fissures and haemorrhoides.
I have had Haemorrhoids and fissures in the past.At the moment I have a fissure that has been driving me crazy..
.I was woken early one morning with burning which became much worse after going to the loo.I had a bath,but it didn't help so I went back to bed.
I couldn't get my mind of the burning so there was no chance of sleep.My hand was unconsciously pressing and holding the buttock area which is a natural reaction when we have pain.It dawned on me that if current thought is correct and the burning and slow healing are due to spasm of the anal sphincter and poor local circulation, then may be massage would help.Anyway,I did some massage and the relief was immediate.I fell asleep and woke later with no burning.
I am not advising you to do this or suggesting that it is a cure or will help everyone,but it seems logical that if you improve the circulation and relax the sphincter things are going to heal quicker.
I will try to explain what I did.
Lie on your side with the bottom leg straight and the top leg bent at the knee.Reach around back with your hand and place it with the fingers on the perineum[That's the soft area between the anus and genitals].The two middle fingers should rest between the bones as your palm cups the lower buttocks.Relax and pull in an upward and backward direction as far as is comfortable without pain and then release back to the starting position.{This gave me immediate relief].The aim is to apply alternating pressure and release on the perineum and sphincter with mainly the two middle fingers so don't allow the hands to slip on the skin.The movement should be slow and rhythmic.Start with big movements and gradually make them smaller and smaller until the hand is just softly cradling the perineum and lower buttocks.I can't advise how long to do it for because we are all different so Just do what feels comfortable and helps and never be too vigorous and cause pain with the massage.
The next step was friction massage of the buttock muscles with the finger tips.Remember that you are massaging the muscle fibers below the skin so don't let your fingers slip on the surface,use your intuition,explore and experiment.My piriformis muscle[approximately in the middle of each buttock] was particularly tight and sore so I really worked on it.
I then repeated the first step and drifted off to sleep.
I Hope I have explained this clearly and it is of some help.


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