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Re: Someone asked for an update - ER visits - Tough time. by Anthony87 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   8/6/2012 5:42:22 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hows the bruising and yellow face symptom? Are you still ingesting oils? Based on your posts and views that potatoes are too sugary, so any sort of carb goes in there leads me to believe you are on a very unhealthy and destructive diet for your liver. And the coconut oil on top of that makes your posts another testimonial for coconut oil success. Maybe consider taking your symptoms and a list of your diet to a qualified nutritionist because to me it looks purely suicidal and you just keep getting worse and worse. At least post your precise diet and oil regimen on the forum so people can look at it. The strict carb cutting that you and the people that always side with you about the instestinal candida living off of any starch is very radical and keeps people very ill.

Based on your fear of carbs, i can't imagine you saying you had a meal that wasn't completely devoid of energy and loaded with fat to make up for the lack of calories. And this coconut oil cure is just kicking your liver while its down. So you keep ridiculing me for telling you that you can't get better without a close look at fat...and the posts just keep getting more and more severe from you.

It's time to get real and look into serious lack of balance in your diet making you physically ill. There is no reason why the bruising and confusion couldn't be part of fatty liver. And you really don't prove me wrong by continuing to carb cut and fill the void with fat...getting more seriously ill with every post.

I've had the hypothyroid and jaundice. It's going to be a gradual time to repair the liver but I wouldn't keep prolonging it with this severe diet you are on. You might easily let a routine dietary sickness destroy you if you keep up with the anxiety on carbs and poor advice from this forum. You've ignored my warnings for 3 months now based on faulty advice from sick people. You dismissed my diet advice because you needed to keep a job, which i was certain than you would lose if you keep making your liver worse with the non stop oils and carb cutting.

I posted in spring saying this is how i kicked jaundice right away and worked on liver repair. My face was yellow in march, i was a prisoner of my house and a do-nothing job. Now I live in Chile and get to eat fish, veggies, starches, and chicken. The ignorant people that shoot me down on your posts don't have functional lives and are preaching suffering.

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