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Re: Malic acid by #76356 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   8/15/2012 3:10:33 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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That's so fantastic Telman, and I'd love to know how you rid yourself of the sludge. I have read many of your posts and your blog and it helps alot to realise this is quite a long and committed journey we are all on.. a few flushes is not nearly enough for most of us. Now that you can reflect back.. do you think the double olive oil is preferred to a single dose? What are your thoughts these days... I've never tried a double dose.

That's good about the pasturization issue. There's a very nice green apple pressed juice which I can get here which I'm quite happy to drink alot of - do you think I'd benefit of drinking it every day between the flushes as an ongoing dietary choice and then increase the week before, or just leave the apple juice dedicated to the flush?

I am still in the stages of getting rid of stones - I wish I had started earlier but initally came to curezone for my constipation/ parasite issue - then went on an Iodine journey - and I didn't realise till later about the gall bladder issue I have. I am at about flush 9. The last flush produced a very large stone which actually seemed to get caught up in the bend of my colon on my left side. An enema really helped with that and made me realise that I may have had some stoned backed up from previous flushes sitting up there in the transverse colon for a number of weeks.


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