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Re: My Story and journey...- Dr Lam by 155216 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   8/24/2012 1:46:06 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Thanks for your comments above..

This was kinda what I thought, all of this started with chronic insomnia and 'mental chatter' and I have gone through the various amounts of chemicals from my GP incuding Zopiclone (ambien)- 15mg+ kept me asleep for 6-7 hours but caused terrible rebound insomnia and anxiety the next day and made me feel awful for a couple of days afterwards, Xanax helped me go to sleep nicely but again I woke up after 4 hours or so and again caused terrible rebound insomnia and anxiety, Amitriptyline which got me to sleep but woke me up in 4 hours was never ending really. Tried Valerian and was good, but built up a depency to it, Dr Lam dosent advise Valerian as it hits the same spots that xanax does so dependency and rebound symptoms can appear. Use to smoke a few doobs, sometimes it helped, sometimes more often than not it set my brain off into a manic worry, so I avoid it now.

I found the Relax All actually helped me sleep more and cut my physical anxiety in half and chilled out all the mental chatter. I have had this now for two years, no wonder my adrenals are so screwed having to work overdrive to keep me going with a day job etc I dont deny that I do have adrenal fatigue, and Dr Lams programme is really helping this, but I just dont seem to see any difference in the insomnia. If i start to feel better, I then get cut back down again when I cant sleep. ITs like a never ending vicious circle. The chest pain is so horrible, and for it to dissapear even for a day (Relax All) its such a pleasure and makes me smile.

I am definitely going to do a Heavy Metals Test, as you;ve now prompted me to think about it, about two months earlier when this got really bad in August 2009 I had had two mercury fillings, one being a half tooth reconstruction (MASSIVE filling). Ill do a basic test next week, and if it reports anything, ill get it investigated further.

I think its really fair to say insomnia is my biggest problem, as the rare times i DO sleep, I feel almost fine the day after, but its short lived as the insomnia hits again the next night. The Tradozone im on at the moment is helping me get at least 4-5 hours sleep till I wake up and the mental chatter takes over...I hate taking pharmaceuticals, but its only been since ive been managing to get some sleep, ive actually started feeling better. This could be of course a combination of Dr Lams therapy programme doing its trick but if I dont take sleep meds, I still dont sleep,period, this has never changed.

The weeks prior to this crash I was working long overnight shifts and sleeping through the day - I knew I shouldnt be, but I had to find the money to pay for the supplements, as the day job merely covers my living costs and telephone appointments etc and everything was working ok...but I was probably draining my adrenal reserve in the process.

I do believe massively in Dr Lams approach, but there dosent seem to be much help with the insomnia if the melatonin and protein before bed dosent work, theres nothing else suggested. I understand that anything else could interfear with the programme, but im not a vampire, I need to sleep and I really think sleep is 50percent of the recovery

One interesting discovery in all of this is that ive been on laxatives since I was 24 as I had permanent chronic constipation. A couple of months ago I had a course of acupunture (after cheking with Dorine first) and although she was trying to do endocrine balance and insomnia treatment (which it didnt succeed at) she managed to make my stomach work again naturally.

I have done a parasite cleanse before with Wormwood formula and cloves.

I see you post 'annonymously', do you have any professional experience in OT?

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