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Re: Rip Off Artist Saul Pressman of Plasmafire Ozone in CBC News by okmum ..... Oxygen Therapies Support Forum

Date:   9/6/2012 2:36:49 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hang on a second there, cowboy. While I agree that it is unfortunate that he did not send products to various clients, essentially ripping them off; it is not up to us to say whether he is or isn't a scam artist. Innocent until proven guilty. He could have had an issue on his end. That may or may not be true; and everyone should use caution when ordering his equipment.

However, the CBC article did a LOT to ruin the credibility of ozone, and less to ruin the credibility of Dr. Pressman. It is wrong to underestimate the medical knowledge of a chiropractor, considering the knowledge that is fed into the education received by "legitimized" doctors is very limited and bias toward whatever medical system they're working within. It's all the same. None of them are the actual experts. The expertise lies within Science itself. Research.

There is a reason the bureau [sent to potentially destroy the public's ability to obtain and use ozone therapy to treat illnesses] is called the "Competition Bureau". When people run businesses based on health care practices that do not fall in line with the profits of the people running the country, they fraudulently debunk these practices and brand them "alternative".

There are more incidents I've read in cases where people were cured by various diseases, cancers, and other ailments from ozone than those who had any negative effects, unless the effects are falsely identified as negative. In many cases, people get a little worse before they are completely better. This is true of many accepted medications. These types of negative effects are not long lasting.

But, back to Pressman! If he is guilty, then it angers me that he contributed to the act of an article being written against ozone therapy.

I happen to know someone, personally, who purchased his machines for a severe and life threatening chronic illness and is completely symptom-free today.

That being said, I know MANY people who have been cured (or beat illnesses into remission) by using ozone therapy.

When you can physically see (with your own eyes) toxins spilling from their body as they heal, you know it's not placebo.

I am going to dig into the validity of the woman's statements [in the article] about cancer cells being unaffected by ozone.

There is some very real, and very serious ignorance at play behind whoever wrote this article. They inserted a very dangerous opinion that was most likely fed by the people controlling the profits. In the United States, that would be the AMA, FDA, and CDC; as well as the doctors who write the medical laws (who also happen to own various patents on the treatments of various illnesses, including some of the illnesses themselves).

Patents & profit should not be involved, only Science and accurate information. This is so that the individual may truly exercise his/her rights toward the pursuit of happiness.

I don't know the organizations in Canada who put a stop to total accurate information [and thus, fed selective information about specific corporations and organizations to the public], but they either had a hand in or influenced this article. Either that, or the writer is completely dense.

Okay, that's my rant. There is more I could say, but I am honestly tired of typing (and it's past my bed time).

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope it wasn't taken offensively.


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