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New Melasma Sufferer by CaryBear ..... Chloasma & Melasma Forum

Date:   9/17/2012 3:34:43 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hey Good People.
I have a Candida/Copper problem. I am taking many supplements, following a strict, selective carb diet, and consuming no sugar.
I am actively trying to bring the Candida under control. I was too aggressive in my first attempt and developed melasma. Is this due to adrenal fatigue? Some insight into why the melasma appeared suddenly would be most appreciated.
I have an embedded IUD, I've had it for nearly ten years, and I am on a waiting list to have it removed. I am aware this contributes, even perpetuates my copper problem, but I can't do anything about that right now; thanks to Socialized Medical Care.
I am taking, among other things, molybdenum, vit c, zinc and MSM. (I am referring here only to the supplements I am taking to help with melasma, although I am taking many more for digestive concerns, candida overgrowth and friendly-flora re-population)
I have tried HQ, Kojic acid, Retin A (made it darker!) and clobetasol (also made it darker)
I have stopped all lightning products and I am not using Retin A anymore at this time. I read somewhere that the Retin A "brings forth" the buried dark pigmentation-and I admit these last five years I have baked my skin with the exception of this year. My first day at the beach and *bam* the 'tashe appeared.
I have learned that chemical sunblock can make it worse, and by the look of things I have dermal melasma. I have not seen a dermatologist, because again, there is a long waiting list. I use a physical sunblock made by Avene, and avoid the sun as much as I can.
Tonight I am going to try castor oil
I will update often, and in great detail so that I may help others, if I do find a way to rid my face of this blight.
That all said, I have had vitiligo on my chin for more than 15 years. It's re-pigmenting :) Something good, something not so good.
Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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