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Persistent skin rashes and infections by oneneedinghelp ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   9/24/2012 9:10:08 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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My problems began about two years ago when I moved from IL to NJ. It was in Aug of 09 that I moved and I was pregnant at the time with my third child. A few months after moving back to NJ I broke out with some kind of allergic reaction all over my hands. I had fluid filled vesicles that were read, swollen and itchy.

I was put on a round of prednisone and given a topical cream. That cleared things up. I had a c-section with my third child and it was my third c-section. I was living with my parents at the time and was there for a year before I moved again. Still in NJ.

About a month after moving into the new house which had been remolded on the inside my underarms began to itch. At the time I had stopped shaving and began using a natural deodorant. I hadnt shaved in months at this point and the deodorant wasnt new. I had been using it for some time.

The itching got worse and I began to develop a rash of some sort under both arms as well as a rash under my breast. I need to point out here that my family and I had changed our diet. We had cut out all processed Sugar and flour. We were drinking water kefir and dairy kefir as well as eating homemade sourdough bread. I went to the doctor because my underarms had begun to ooze and the rash was worse. The Dr. didnt know what was under my arms but said that I have a yeast infection under my breast and put me on diflucan. She gave me a topical cream for under my arms which did nothing. The diflucan cleared up the rash on my chest, but my underarms were not getting better. The diflucan seemed to do something, but did not clear it up. After a few days of being off the diflucan I was back in the Dr. office seeking help on what to with my underarms. I should also tell you that while I was taking diflucan I was on a raw diet and was taking Black-Walnut hull tincture, raw garlic and coconut oil.

I was also doing Bentonite clay and physillum husk. After going to the Dr. again for my underarms she sent me to an allergist. Who was the worst allergist I have ever met. After telling her my story and why I was there she simply looked at my underarm and said "oh it's candida. We'll do a long round of diflucan" so yet again I went home with another round of diflucan, which yet again did nothing.

After taking the diflucan, by now I had resumed my whole foods diet again with limited sweetners, I began to have a rash in my groin area. Not a vaginal yeast infection, no this was like the rash under my arms. Red, swollen, itchy and bumpy. It drove me nuts. I was given a topcial cream for it which helped, i believe it was an antifungal. I began to use the same cream under my arms and that seemed to help but after a while the rash started to come back, so I went to a dermatologist and they did a biopsy and it simple came back as, you guessed it, dermatitis. So I went home with another antifungal cream which did clear it up.

I hadnt had a skin issue till I moved yet again. I moved to upstate NY about a year ago. Towards the end of winter last year my belly button became infected. It started out a little irritated and then within 24 hours was full blown swollen and itchy and oozing. I was traveling to NJ to see family at the time and wound up in the ER while there. They swabbed my belly button and found staph present and they treated my with a topical Antibiotic as well as clindamycin.

I returned home to finish taking my medicine when I broke out with an allergic reaction and wound up in the ER, it was day 5 of clindamycin. I was put on bactrim and benadryl to deal with the infection and the reaction. A few months after the belly button episode I broke out with some kind of rash on my neck, and again in about 24-48 hours I was brewing something fierce.

My Dr. was afraid it could be herpes simplex but treated me for with a fungal/steroid cream which cleared it up, he was relieved. After the neck episode I came in contact with poison oak and that became infected even though I never scratched it. So yet again I was given prednisone and a topical cream. It took forever to clear up and I have scars from it. Since then I have I had little flare ups on my hands. The same fluid filled vesicles that itch and swell and spread regardless of whether it scratch or not. My last episode was the worst I've had in a few month and that ended about three weeks ago, at the time I had the outbreak we found out I was pregnant but within 72 hours of finding out I miscarried.

Which brings me to my current state. Last week my underarms started to breakout again like they did two year ago. This time I applied one of my many antifungal creams and by the end of the week cleared things up but at the same time I started to get this red line under my breast. I thought perhaps it was my bra causeing irritation so was making sure to keep it dry.

Well here we are a week later and I have a full blow candid outbreak once again on my chest. I'm using ketoconazole on it right now, I've cut out sugars and I'm trying to figure out what to do next....that's where I need help. I am at the end of my rope and I have no idea what to do. I dont know what cleanse to do and whose to buy.

PLEASE someone help me....I cant take much more of family cant afford me to be like this, it makes being a mom very difficult when every move I make causes my chest to burn and itch.

Please anyone with advice I'm all ears....

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