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Re: Life ruined by Wormwood. by Blistering Fate ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/24/2012 6:54:06 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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What the f***? "Permanent damage"? "I will never be ok"? Thats some negative muck in the first place. And im one negative f***er.

Whatever happened, more likely than not its not permanent ok? You are still writing something reasonable and readable in Curezone so obviously it can be repaired. I know Wormwood messes with the nervous system, but how many people got damage and permanent??

Why are you assuming you damaged your nervous system and furthermore, that it is permanent? It sounds like low neurotransmitters or low hormones to me, in any case. I have anhedonia as well, but maybe not as severe as you, and my tests show most of the body chemistry its defficient and unbalanced. And what if this has to do with parasites, I have read enough to know the parasite die-off can cause extreme apathy.

Ok I have read your former posts. Yes you are metal toxic or you are toxic from the parasite die off, and yes being toxic feels like that and yes, sadly it seems humaworm for some unknown mechanism stirred up mercury or just killed too many critters for you to handle. This is not BS, I am very metal toxic and possibly infestated and everytime I smoke marihuana I will get super enxious and honestly f***ing crazy one day I even heard a voice telling me to jump off the window because "you know its gonna be much easier that way" Scary shit. I also had a strong attack of mental problems one day that I ate lots of garlic and also raw, so I think I can be parasite loaded. On the other hand, it is said parasites carry metals and they release them when they die.

And finally, another forum member told me that he felt exactly as me and as you whenever he smoked weed when he was infestated with parasites, specifically roundworms if I remember well.

Sooo forget the permanent damage. You are metal toxic and/or parasite infected, probably both yes. Deal with those. Just be careful, humaworm in my opinion its not the way to go, I would explore Miracle-Mineral-Supplement or H202 or Parastat, other options. I do not have much experience or research on this, however.
Contains no Wormwood ! :D //

I am gonna buy it whenever I can man and do one trial. I have many markers that point to parasites, for some reason.

In the metal field, I vouch for Nutritional Balancing and secondly Cutler Chelation, if you can do both its the best way maybe, having in account your main problem its probably mercury. But im doing Nutrional Balancing only, because I have read a lot of threads of people taking DMSA, ALA etc and I am pretty damn sure I would have very scary mental symptoms so im doing a slower and safer approach. But I will ponder doing AC chelation in the future. So its up to you.

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