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Re: exercise???? by jsl123 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   10/2/2012 7:56:20 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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hmmm i really do believe it is chronic shapped lips and the lips have became irritated and are continuely trying to heal them selves but they cant for some reason. if it wasnt chapped lips what is it then? unless its a new disease that has never been thoroughy studied by the medical community. i think ec for girls is no problem.

i mean what are your thoughts then vunk if its not just a chronic style of chaopped lips???

i do understandwhat you mean by surely it should heal by persistent moisturizing. but thats what im trying to say that its the top layers that cant heal properly. then the whole cycle starts again.

i guess its al speculation but i mean is there anybody out the that has actually fully cured ec??? i mean there hasnt really been anyone really explain them selves on how they got cured and returned months or years later to tell us all there still cured.

i mean theres this indian guy that claims he has fully treated ec aslong as he applies this cream 3 times a day. so i pressume this fully calms the ec and keeps it a full bay.

then theres lee's who cured his ec twice

and there this licking lips and she butter lady(i dont know how truthful this is but i guess she says she cured)

and thats it really i mean sure some people said some things worked but i think if somebody really had ec and cured it they would show photos give a full detail of there treatment that worked and would happily answer questions on the forum for a few days to help people. i mean if i got cured i would happily want to help other people.

thats why im really excited about this indian guys treatment. i dont get to excited but i hope it works!

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