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Re: Intresting Report on Insomnia with Adrenal/HPA Issues by #132242 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   10/4/2012 8:23:58 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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try these...

if you can fall asleep but then wake up after 3-4 hours, keep a turkey leg always cooked in the fridge and eat it when you wake up. or if you can tolerate dairy drink some raw or boiled non-homogenized milk.

if you can't fall asleep then eat 1-2 turkey legs an hour before you need to sleep.

if that doesn't work then take a very large dose of the strongest anti- parasite formula that you can find... something like raw garlic, Wormwood , pumpkin seed, cayenne, schulze formulas, paranil, kroeger forumlas, etc.

i hope you got your fillings taken out already instead of messing around with dr. lam.

if your problem is mercury then the above methods are just dealing downstream with a problem upstream and you need to take care of it. you could also try saturating your body with the cutler minerals...

Most important:

>>C & B vitamins 4 x per day

>>B - 12.5-25 mg 4 times a day. Quarter a "b-50" or "b-100" tablet
>>a pill cutter

>> C - 5-20 mg per pound per dose (not day) of any buffered
form, e. g. sodium
>> ascorbate (100-250 mg vitamin C 4 times a day). Crunched up "gram
2" tablets from The VItamin Shoppe have a bunch of other useful
minerals in them.

>>50 Magnesium several times a day -10 mg per lb,
spread throughout day adjust if getting diarrhea

>>Zinc spread out during day -1/4 to 1/2 mg per pound
>>Vitamin A - 5 RDA's per day CLO is an OK source as are vitamin A
supplements of any other kind (I realize there is some belief that
only CLO has the "right" form of vitamin A, I don't have an opinion on
this one way or the other). If you use CLO, add the vitamin E soon if
not right away.

>>Melantonin if he has trouble sleeping. Not otherwise.

Good things to add later are:

>>E vitamin 500 IU per day

>>Selenium Selenium is best taken in the selenomethionine form, and
>>reasonable dosages
>>are 1-2 mcg per pound.

>>Flaxseed or flax seed oil mixed in food (but not cooked). 1-3 tbsp
a day. This is less important if you are using CLO as your source of
vitamin A, especially if you use at least 25,000 IU of A from CLO. If
he has dry skin then the flax seed or oil is more important than if it
is otherwise.

>>Milk Thistle 1/4-1 capsule 4x per day (what does that equal in

>>Molybdenum - what is per pound dosage 5-20 mcg. Important if he has
"sulfation" issues in terms of being sensitive to the kinds of things
the Feingold diet excludes (if people babble on about "phenols" and
"salicylates" and tell you foods to exclude that help, then this is

>>mixed carotenes (Twinlabs and Vitamin Shoppe carotenoid complex)
Skip these if he is


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