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Re: Question about order of suppliments like l-glutamine, dmso , collidal silver by sounddoctrine ..... Crohnís Disease Forum

Date:   10/11/2012 9:28:53 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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-Get some DMSO from either Nature's Gift or Jacob's labs. I use Nature's Gift because it's cheaper.

-If you want to start the Beck Protocol, depending on which blood electrification device you buy, it will double as a Colloidal Silver generator. SOTA is what I bought.

-Spray the entire ABD with a 15-20ppm CS solution with a spray bottle and let it sit for a couple of minutes. This will sterilize you before DMSO application. After you apply the DMSO, continue to spray your ABD every 5 min, allowing the CS to be drawn into the tissues.

The DMSO acts as an anti-inflammatory by removing iron out of the cells and the CS will disable viruses or pathogens hiding deep within the tissues causing the chronic inflammation. CS also promotes very fast healing of ulcerations and may even reverse scar tissue as noted by Dr. Robert Becker in his studies of burn patients.

Remember, you must do the ENTIRE protocol to a T. Another important thing about blood electrification is you absolutely must be accurate where you place the electrodes on the wrist. I suspect that when the protocol fails for some, they had poor electrode placements and did not use enough current. Some try to do it their own way. I read many who use the ankle which requires much more tissue for the current to overcome. Then I read some guy who was HIV+ on this forum who decided to mix his CS with O3 - Ozone water. WHY?!?!. Just do what Beck said to do and you will succeed.

I keep my current fairly high. Also when I remove the electrodes after 8 hours, I can see an imprint of the electrode on my wrist which is always precisely over the radial and ulnar arteries so I know for a fact the current was doing it's job.


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