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Help! Please.... by anonymous123 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   11/27/2012 10:02:25 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hi everyone! I'm an 14 year old girl who has NEVER had any allergies, metabolic issues, or anything like that till 5 months ago where apparently my stomach just went crazy on me. It bloated with gas, and I got bouts of pain when I ate anything. I just thought it was a passing phase or something (not) but I can't eat anything without triggering people around me to start that "it's smells bad" crap and thing is I CANT SMELL IT, I mean sometimes when i try to "fast", my stomach contracts and makes this hideous noise that is NOT natural, and I get a sniff of something. I apparently really smell from everyone's reactions and trust me people its not my hygiene and I am NOT being paranoid because people i don't know say stuff like that or clear their throats, mess with their noses, and/or give me the WTF look. I got diagnosed with h pylori a 2 months ago ago, I took heavy Antibiotics and things did not improve much after, and i started spitting out tons of mucus and (Omg i can't believe i'm saying this) but the gas started to come out through my vagina. I went to a GI doctor last month and she told me to take probiotics and take a blood test to make sure everything is okay. She said i didn't smell but she was clearing her throat and messing with her nose as she was saying it. I got back the test with everything negative except for my D3 levels. I am going the GI in a week again. This is really ruining my life, honest to god. I am that social butterfly so this has basically completely ruined my life. My BFs are getting outcasted, some of them have turned a bit bitter to me because of this. My academic life is also getting ruined, I'm in drama, yearbook, band, travel volleyball, and i take eight core honor courses on top of this, how am i supposed to focus with this plaguing me. I have high goals in my life and i am a germaphobic so when people imply ANYTHING like this(leave alone freaking say it), it hurts so bad:(. Apparently now I can stink up a whole auditorium, as i was performing at a different city and people in the freaking audience started saying things. This was my year to be queen bee and now I'm a effing stinker. My parents have never seen my like this (and as they cant smell anything {them and the GI doctor are the only people in the world that don't}), they think i need help but they won't take me cause "it'll go on record". My parents have friends over all the time and so now I have to find an excuse or get grounded to go and hole up in my room. i don't want to go to the movies anymore, hell i don't want to go outside my room. I went from listening to happy pop music to damn linkin park and three days grace (there not all that bad by the way). I can't go on like this, if things don't get better by the end of December... I just can't go on. :'(.

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