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Re: The Black seed forum isnt for curezone by mo123 ..... Complaint Forum

Date:   12/7/2012 9:00:43 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Lol, I must pause to laugh. Personal forums are created to benefit the moderator (owner) as it plainly states I have a right to commercial products being shown. Your post promoting that low class, low quality company does not help anyone.

I have a list of the best products at the top of my forum so people will know which products I recommend. I know that company well as I helped them with their promotion. They know absolutely nothing and I mean nothing about any disease, malady or prescription. The only remedies you will find on their forum, are cut and paste from my articles. They were selling stage 4 cancer patients their junk. Then the people were contacting me for help.

They are not told how to get well. Taking a teaspoon of oil a day will not cure cancer or any other disease. Apparently you believe in the oil as you have ordered it.

I do not allow disruption of my forum. Whether I have a grate (lol, you meant great) ego or not is not the case, the problem is I have a right to ban any message or messenger I please. I waited to see if there was value in your message but when you stated you could care less what happened to me, I then knew you were trying to promote them.

They have the worse product on the market and I would not recommend them to a dog, but if you want to continue to take the product and hope to be well that is your choice. If you want to go to their blog and follow their instructions go ahead.

You have accomplished nothing and I will continue to be who I am and do what I need. I make nothing from curezone and I only post here to get the google rating. I do not need to post here, but there are thousands who read and get well.

If you know everything then go to the company's blog and see if you get well. Don't come back to me or send me private pms threatening me. I laughed my head off with your pm threatening not to recommend me. I am the top expert on the internet and I do not need your recommendation and especially someone who is a trouble maker.

It is sad that you thought you would accomplish anything with your post. V knows me and he can tell you that I write what I want and believe me I have been attacked by the best and some attacked me for years and you know what? I only grew stronger.

Do yourself a big favor. The next time you want help from anyone, listen to their advice to move on and leave the product. Done. last post here. Complete waste of my energy and time.


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