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Re: Five straight days now anxiety low by Faith110 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   12/16/2012 8:56:45 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Oh geez before I got into ayurveda I was on:

garlic/mushroom complex
dandelion root
Artichoke extract
milk thistle
vitamin C
vitamin E
fish and flax oil
multi mineral
probiotic with HSOs
Aloe vera
Slippery Elm
Marshmallow root
Collodial Silver
Vitamin D
Digestive enzymes

I know you're probably dizzy from all of this! I ended up cutting everything out except for liposomal Vitamin C (I make it myself with rice lecithin), Vitamin E, Fish and Flax oil, Milk thistle, artichoke extract, and aloe.

I drink 2 oz of aloe juice in the morning upon waking. Then I do my first dose of vitamin C, which is the whole food sourced brand Alive by Natures Way. Then I eat breakfast and I do a teaspoon of Flax and a teaspoon of fish oil with my liquid vitamin E. around lunch I do another dose of C. After dinner I repeat the C and the fish/flax oil. The liver is the most active at night, so before bed I do my milk thistle/artichoke/dandelion tincture.

That's all I do, and when I cut down I actually felt so much better. I rely more on food for my nutrients- I make alot of chicken bone broths and soups with lots of green and orange veggies as well as shitake mushrooms. I eat a few brazil nuts a day for selenium, and I eat a sheet of japanese sea vegetable with one meal a day for the Iodine (I've got low thyroid). If I get some indigestion, I drink a bit of peppermint tea and that quiets my stomach.

I spend 15 minutes a day in the sun, and I consume brown basmati rice daily (one f the best sources of B-vitamins) plus the lecithin I use for my C also is derived from B-vitamin rich brown rice.

I season my food generously with Tumeric, which the liver loves, and I use cinnamon alot too, as it helps to stabilize blood sugar. I use fresh garlic in my meals as well as other fresh herbs like thyme, basil, sage, and chives. Every day I eat a small cup of unsweetened applesauce (also lovely for the liver) and a handful of blueberries- one of the most powerful antioxidant foods.

I use hawaiian bamboo jade salt on my food, and I put a pinch of salt in my drinking water to. Has all the minerals naturally.

The ayurveda reminded me that until recently, synthetic supplements were not available, and that humans have always depended on food for their bodily needs. He told me that I needed to stop forcing unnatural things onto an already sick body, and that certain pathways needed to be cleared. He believed that my cramming all that stuff in was only congesting me more, so we started with my liver and that's when I started to get more energy. He said I was very congested, and that I needed to clear out before putting anything else in, and he was right.

Once I focused on my liver, I felt a difference within weeks. I'm still in recovery of course, but a far cry away from where I was and I was in pretty rough shape. He also informed me that the liver is the most "emotional organ". It's where we hold all of our fears, sadness, and anger.

All those aminos are synthetic. I took lysine and glutamine, but only for a short while. Trying to manipulate neurotrnsmitters was only making me worse. Once I returned to nature I improved.


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