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Re: scary dysregulated breathing,,, reaction to ivermectin or massive die-off by coastanoan ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   12/19/2012 3:17:09 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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right. the stripping of the wires, is exactly what is happening w/ my nerves from the ivermectin. the tinidazole I am doing much better with, since I've tried it w/out the ivermectin and after re-introducing it its very clear. I do plenty of magnesium, b-vitamins, salmon oil, liquid lecithin,,, so i'm definitely no stranger to the remedies for this type of situation. never took tinidazole before, but my experience with the Avelox drug at least has given me a warning system in my body if these types of reactions start happening.
this doctor uses a EAV acupuncture meridian assessment device to measure the merideans resistance. thru the subtle information he is able to detect what kind of parasites may be involved,,, when he places a combination of the drugs or remedies on a plate connected to the device to see what brings these particular meridians into balance again. this is definitely a subtle art. the drugs he gave me he said were meant to treat nematodes, trematodes,cestodes, protozoa. the meridians I recall being out of balance were gallbladder, triple warmer, large intestine, and more. for anyone familiar with Chinese medicines system of mridians. because testing is so notoriously flawed he has found the most success from using these alternative measuring devices/cutting edge tools. i'm a wholehearted believer in this kind of medicine and been working with practitioners on this level for awhile,,, he seems to take the fine art and apply it w/ his extensive knowledge to parasites. so I don't actually have a diagnosis, but a plan and outline towards recovery that is custom fit energetically to my particular needs. though I have seen threadlike organisms that I've passed in bowel movements. any ideas what that might be?
also a quantum bio-feedback practitioner I worked w/ picked up enterobius vermiculous on her machine... pinworms I guess. I just don't have classic pinworm anything as for symptoms. but I am not certain of anyting either with my limited yet growing understanding of different parasites. these are systemic, probably multiple different kinds all traced back to eating undercooked salmon(though there could of been some already lurking in my system from before) anyways,,,
I feel as much relieved working with this guy as I would working w/ any other of the best out there and for me particularly having someone test into the energetic dimension really puts my mind more at ease.

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