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Re: What to do after hummaworm? by intotheworld ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   12/28/2012 2:17:20 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Not sure if any of this qualifies as insight but i'll do my best anyway..

In terms of the mental side, I reckon perhaps the biggest issue during maintenance is self-control given how much they can influence our behaviour according to their whims. As was discussed on here a lil while back there will be lots of Sugar cravings - those things live at least in part on our fat stores so want us to be nice n chubby.

Which brings us to the value of coconut oil - not only is it anti-parasitic but it also burns fat which is doubly critical during maintenance.

I'm also taking tamarind - which strangely gets little mention around these parts. Apparently its used in much of Asia as an anti-parasitic an has certainly done for that moi..

You said you react strongly to garlic (I can relate to die-off and um emotional over-reaction - balled my eyes out during 'beasts of the southern wild'. Actually i also cried at the end of 'into the wild'. Must be something about stuff with wild in it - though girls gone wild was fine) - what about coffee enemas? Have you ever tried one? If you have the courage you should go for it - as you probably know they help bile production which is critical to making our bodies more inhospitable to the bad guys.

BTW I started doing garlic enemas on your reccomendation and its really shaken things up inside me - so thanks for the tip.. I'd trying to work out the best combo of garlic and coffee enemas at the moment - doing both daily which is perhaps a lil much but don't seem to be having too many ill-effects.

What else? Pumpkin seeds?

Are you on an alkaline diet already? parasites hate alkalinity.

Have you tried artichoke hearts? Also good for assisting bile production.

Do you meditate at all? The thing about being sick of course is that the sicker you are the harder is it to get any benefit from meditation - which perhaps is why its so important to take advantage of those times when we feel a bit better.

Hope this helps..


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