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Re: My Series of Unfortunate Events Morgellons & Exfoliative Chelitis Can't Smile/Laugh :( Trying to Stay Positive But Life Just Seems Cruel Need Some Advice by Bugbuster ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   1/15/2013 5:45:09 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Hi there,

You are going through much difficulty and I am very sorry to hear this.

Just a few suggestions for now.

Whatever reduces stress, helps you to sleep is what is best for this fragile situation in your life.

Though the ointment and steroids are not the best, I believe sleep and reduction of stress is very important.

If it were me, I would take baby steps towards builiding up your immune system and getting away from the sterioids.

Continue to clean up your diet.

Include in your diet:

Organic eggs and meat (mostly chicken and wild caught fish)

Organic /non GMO foods

Plenty of veggies

Blue berries, raspberries, strawberries otherwise very little fruit

Coconut oil, olive oil, hemp oil, red palm oil

Rice, Quinoa

Almonds, Walnuts, Pine nuts

Little dairy: Cottage cheese, Kefer, Yogurt with no sugar

Xylitol (excellent sugar replacement)

Red wine (only in moderation)



Sugar (Sugar is poison to your body)

Flour (gulten forming)

Simple carbs such as Chips, Popcorn and crackers, etc.


canned food


Canola oil, saflower oil

Splenda or aspartame in any form

Alcohol (if you drink, drink only 1 glass of beer or wine but not more)



Diatomaceous Earth (1-2 Tablespoons)

MSM (I use 2 tsp. daily)

Digestive enzymes daily with meals and between them

I used many supplements and have more diet suggestion. I will need to organize the whole list and post it.


Topically, you may want to try using iodine directly on the wounds, try it in a small area first to test tolerance.

It will burn like crazy for a few seconds, but then calm down. Iodine will stain the skin so you may want to do this when you can stay home for a day or two.

Then I would make a solution of melted monolaurin which can be melted in a pan and add water. Mix well and when it is still warm (not hot) apply to wounds.

If the iodine is too difficult just try the monolaurin.

Please remember though, Morgellons is mostly an internal problem that is showing up on the skin.

The more you can detox and clean up your diet the better you will get.

I had a terrible bout with Morgellons and now I am doing very well.

You can get there also, but it will take time.

Stress reduction was the biggest thing for me to do in order to recover.


I hope this helps you,

God bless,


 PS. The hardest part of learning to reduce stress was staying away from toxic people and conversatons. Though we humans don't mean to hurt one another, it happens and I had to learn to be aware of what was stressing me out. I had to learn to put my own needs before others at least until I got well.

Here is more info on things I did:

Morgellons protocol




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