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"...just like MMS that made people feel so great until they got so sick not knowing it's aerobic which morgs love... " by fungihomeworld ..... Morgellons Disease Forum

Date:   2/9/2013 5:14:28 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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..yes...I do remember that experiment..
...ran 2 trials...
same results..
huge amounts of fiber masses being expelled.

** a portion of a "rather large mass"..


..struck me as odd that this huge mass of fiber
was only being observed while taking Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ..

concluded that Miracle-Mineral-Supplement was feeeeeding the morg pathogen.
After two very startling purges of fiber masses..
abandoned the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement experiment as a bad strategy.

later experiments over the next 2 years confirmed
my suspicions..the morg pathogen is a hard charging
aerobe..that will greedily suck up oxygen anywhere
it can find it.

...MMS..hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite [bleach]
isopropyl alcohol...etc..etc..
if it has oxygen in it..the morg bacteria will use it
for it's own ends.

**I have wondered about the fact that
such a vicious pathogen...that so visibly manifests itself
as a "skin condition"..should actually feed on the very
"first aid" chemicals..[such as hydrogen peroxide]
that people would pretty much automatically gravitate to.

...oh..I am certain that this is all ...unhappy's not like anyone would engineer a
harrassment bioweapon to do this sort of thing.
People aren't THAT diabolical.


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