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Re: My Prescription by MikePylon ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   2/19/2013 4:31:45 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Thanks:p When we truly keep the lips protected with moisture, away from showers ect... wow the build up stays on a long time... in fact it was on so long I didn't notice how much progress I was making until the build up came off one night when my lips stuck together while using the prevex... then after that they pretty much stopped building up. I'd say I went about 2 and half months doing moist healing with Vaseline/Desonide at first, and then the prevex/prevex HC/fucidin combo which I think has been more effective and shown the most results... I started treatments fairly soon after I developed EC so that could explain the relatively quick results.

Prevex is basically a barrier cream that protects the lips from everything, the prevex hc is the same thing but has a very mild steroid added, and the fucidin is a topical antibiotic. The three of them really worked well for me.

I really don't like to recommend treatment plans to anyone because I'd feel bad if they didn't get results, and I think they should be tailored to the individual by a dermatologist, but the specialist who offered me the second protocal said she had about an 80% success ratio with it.

I would say the sensitivity you are still experiencing suggests you are not quite there yet, but it's also more prominent now because you have so much less buildup which is a good thing. When EC lips have that thick layer of skin covering them they aren't going to feel nearly as sensitive as they are when they are exposed... so it comes with the territory. I noticed this at first as well.

The steroids to me seem to briefly help the sensitive feeling in my lips I had right after application, but it doesn't last long because the inflammation is coming from within.

Fucidin, the Antibiotic cream, really made my lips feel comfortable for long periods of time though. I was diagnosed with the heavy growth of mixed bacteria in my saliva though so I think bacteria played a role in aggravating my lips.


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