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Re: I Need Advice. Will my life ever be back to normal? by Muggles ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   2/23/2013 2:23:47 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Thanks for the replies. It is good to hear that someone was able to fight it off and be normal for a few YEARS. That gives me hope. I will keep trying to fight these things off. I tried eating boatloads of pineapple previously although
I didn't mention it. It helped I guess, but not very much for me. I'll try the papaya seeds and other things you guys suggested.

The humaworm and para-gone herbals seemed to just piss some of them off and kill others. I'm fairly certain there is a hole or something near where my wind pipe and food pipe branch off. I notice during herbal treatments they exit through this hole and move up into my neck, bringing hydrochloric acid from my stomach with them and causing a warm burning pain in my neck. Almost like acid reflux except in the neck, sinus, and head.

Because of this, I have been trying to stay away from herbals, except garlic because for some reason it just works wonders. It is probably because garlic has an Antibiotic in it which kills the bacteria that was brought into my body from the gut due to worm migration.

Although garlic does help, the symptoms simply return the next day. It is really frustrating.

I read online that encysted Tapeworms can be killed by taking a corticosteriod to suppress the immune system, effectively making the cyst be unformed, and taking prazi to kill the Tapeworms while they are not in a cyst. Does anyone know if there are other drugs that are easier to obtain that also can make cysts be unformed?

One more thing I forgot to mention: when I was first discovering that I had a bad parasitic infection, I noticed that it was right after I took a large dose of vitamin B12. I did get my b12 levels check at the doctors MONTHS later, and my b12 concentration was 3x the normal level still. Does anyone know how to flush excess b12 from the body?

I wish these things weren't so complicated to try to get rid of.

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