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detoxing heavy metals with candida? by Leollipop ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/23/2013 9:28:35 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hi :)

I am just wondering if detoxing heavy metals is an important part of a candida cleanse? I have read that all kinds of cleanses are good for candida as well as building immune system and all these other things... but whatever!

Anyway i read somewhere that even if you have mild heavy metal toxicity that you can't rid candida.. I don't know if i do, but I'm sure anyone would have mild heavy metals how would you not with all the crap put into the air and food?? And if you have candida i guess metals would be suppressing your immune system too making it hard to get better.. I don't have any teeth fillings so that is not a worry for me, but i don't know how to get rid of heavy metals safely.. i don't have many symptoms I mostly suffer with digestive problems, multiple environmental and food allergies or sensitivities and insomnia, i also get stressed out really easily, but i don't want to leave anything out from my cleanse nor do i want to damage my body in the process of cleansing.. the thought of leaving something out or doing something incorrectly is very scary to me.. this is exactly why heavy metals are a worry.. unlike other things i am doing they don't appear to be safe to have in your body or to remove from your body..

Anyway I guess I am wondering what are good ways to help with heavy metals safely.. does chlorella and cilantro work? I have heard some people (especially andy cutler followers) say it's dangerous.. Do other normal cleanses help get rid of them if they are only mild? Like bowel cleanses, Liver Flush and whatever.. i read somewhere that rubbing Lugol's Iodine on the soles of your feet can get rid of heavy metals.. but i haven't found much to back it up so i dunno about that.. if anyone has any advice please let me know =\

also when is the best time to introduce antifungals? I am only taking coconut oil at the moment.. i don't really want to start killing candida before my body is more clean and able to handle toxins better.. but is it better to use them throughout treatment or what?

Sorry for my long post! If anyone can give me some help it would be much appreciated :)

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