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Re: detoxing heavy metals with candida? by CuteLion ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/25/2013 11:12:00 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Not necessarily, and of all the tests even the by far best one, the DMPS challenge test, ONLY tells you if you DEFINITELY ARE positive. If the test is negative you can STILL be positive!

> i just have very weak digestion and i tend to get
> insomnia, and stressed quite easily.

This could be caused by heavy metals, this stuff DOES affect the brain a lot. However, did you have exposure (to metals, mercury)?

If you have had exposure to heavy metals, for example, you have or had Amalgam fillings, it may make sense to do a probationary treatment with chelators (DMPS or DMSA) for 3-6 months. A one-time treatment often does NOT let help you to decide (feel) if it helps. For me, for example, while I was fortunate enough to know right away because I had a high mercury value right after the very first DMPS test, those values declined linearly and quickly but my problems remained - letting me believe that chasing after mercury was the wrong track. Then, however, after the 4th or 5th treatment the values tripled, and since I did not know until two months later but complained to my doc that my symptoms felt tripled one can exclude "psychology" (I did not know of the tripled mercury values!). This happens a lot I read, that chelation success doesn't kick in for a while. By the way, if/when it DOES kick in you will feel WORSE. The original symptoms get better, but you will have detox symptoms for a long time.

Do NOT expect certainty with this issue!!! Your heavy metal burden can only be determined POSTMORTEM for sure. No MD in the world will be able to give you truly correct advice. You will have to do what billions of humans have done for a million years: Make DECISIONS in the face of uncertainty. I decided to try chelation, since under the right supervision of qualified doctors it is quite safe, but the my personality supports such a decision since I'd rather have inconvenience now and a CHANCE of convenience later. More conservative and risk-averse people may make other decisions. Many people in these forums (and in the world in general) seem to loath making decisions about their own lives, they want a doctor (or a politician, or a boss, or...) to make it for them, all that talk of "freedom" is BS, most people want someone else to blame. Sorry for this slightly off-topic stuff but I think I DO have a relevant point, see above - YOUR DECISION to start a probationary treatment or not, no lab test or MD (or Internet forum) can really help you.

And if you do, and if heavy metals ARE your problem, you will have to live with detox issues that make your live harder for YEARS. That is why many doctors recommend against it I think, the rewards are far in the future (think 3 yrs of very annoying detox symptoms) and the pain is now.


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