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Re: Do you *really* have Parasites, Worms, or Flukes? Get a sample. by JrDavis ..... Parasites Debate Forum

Date:   2/27/2013 3:45:51 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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You're going to use the CDC as valuable data?

You would honestly take CDC's advice than to try and combat a disease on your own?

Flukes are not easy to detect. And I actually passed what I know now was a fluke with my Sota machine.

EM apparently got it to move out. By EM cleansing my blood. Which makes sense since the liver filters it.

However no matter how much I changed up my diet (Carb/Low fat) I'm still struggling 132lbs.

I know it's the flukes, I felt them burrowing into my Liver. It felt like gas/GB attack/cramp.

Maybe that's why I almost passed out when I got 8 vials of blood taken was these blood suc***s were sucking all the blood I had available.

All it takes is some bad seafood my friend. And I have issues dealing with Ammonia.

How do I know it's an ammonia issue? Well L-Ornithine takes away the pain in my head. Helps me sweat a little to detox. But regardless it helps.

Yes it was a struggle getting to the point I am at. I have actually gotten worse changing my diet from crap diet to healthy diet.

So why would that happen? Maybe I have some parasites that aren't getting "Fed" enough so they are making me feel like crap.

I wont give up and I will do a castor oil flush.

Couple 30ml Castor oil Flushes are a far greater idea than going to the CDC website. Skipping how to survive a Zombie Attack ( Irony? ) and searching for liver flukes

Just to read "They are rare"

You wanna know why they say it's rare? Because Western Dr's are not educated enough for parasites.

Thumbs down on this post.

Thumbs up though you do need to take care of your health and make it your #1 responsibility. Don't shoot in the dark. Read.

The information is out there, Just spread across the web.

Once you think you figure it out.

Double check that.

Then Double check the next information you come across. Until you're comfortable.

Know that healing isn't supposed to hurt and that it takes time.

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