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Re: Extremely Ill after sex by natway ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   3/14/2013 1:00:34 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Everyone's given you good advice, but the best advice is definitely from Blistering Fate; eating a high calorie diet.

It's because your diet is coming up short on calories, which is so common in girls your age in our male dominated world, unfortunately and this problem affects guys too more than people probably realize. But now you know the problem, so now you know the solution, you simply have to start eating more.

Here's a great article that Starbell just posted that is a must read for you and a lot of other people on these boards:

Adrenal Fatigue as a Cover for Starvation

If you're worried how to eat more without gaining unnecessary weight, I've been studying diets a lot that last few months and speaking from experience with a diet where I eat tons without gaining more than what my body naturally wants is a high-carb/low-fat diet.

Popular high-carb/low-fat diets to look into:

Starch Solution
Engine 2 diet
Eat More, Weigh Less

Just make sure you do eat a lot more on these diets because since they are a lot lower in fat and animal products, they are a lot less in calories per the same volume, so you have to eat quite a bit more to get the same amount of calories as you would in an average diet and this can be difficult with people who've had eating disorders who have been conditioned to eat smaller meals all the time.

I recommend using apps like
to be sure you're getting enough calories per day and not starving yourself with whatever diet you're on.

WHO's definition of starvation:
Females = anything less than 1,800 cal per day
Males = anything less than 2,100 cal per day's recommended calorie minimums on a high-carb/low-fat diet:
Females = at least 2,500 cal per day
Males = at least 3,000 cal per day


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