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soaked feet in black tea zillions of white things visible coming off feet by thesearch4acure ..... Morgellons Disease Forum

Date:   3/19/2013 1:38:17 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I've been dealing with the problem for close to 2 years... some things "help" but nothing cures so far.. esp. problematic is night time... and especially the orifices and face... and gut.

I noticed drinking black tea made my face have a "sensation" and I felt somehow better or relief? I got the idea to try foot soak with black tea... its cheap,
and am so broke now because am spending so much money on this ailment and had to move and buy new mattress and all clothes had to be thrown out now only wear snythetics and it does help.

the BLACK TEA foot soak is really amazing. first, it helps to do it right before bed time, just keeps that popping and moving sensation down so we can fall asleep instead of going insane. but also, I am amazed at the millions and millions of tiny white dots that seem to be streaming off my skin into the tea. I made it super strong, saving tea bags after I use them for tea... I put one piping hot kettle of water over about 6 used tea bags, let it soak-10-15 min... it has to cool so its not so hot for feet. i keep the bags in frig until time to use.
Then when it starts to be too cool add a second giant pot of boiling hot water. Let yourself wait til its cooled off... but as soon as humanly possible to stand the water, get your dogs back in there.

I shined a flashlight in there and was light, whoa!! i thought I might see the same kind of things that come off when soaking in epsome (fibers, black specs, gelatenous strands) but it was a zillion white dots. they are really visible because of the black tea color. I had cleaned the pan, so I'm sure it wasn't residue.

Anyway, it helped. And I'm drinking it during the day, and it helps I think too. Maybe a colonic would even be helpful.. hmmm.

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