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Re: 4 Year Hives/Rash Mystery (Need a real life Dr. House) by #139029 ..... Allergies & Intolerance Forum

Date:   3/20/2013 9:54:19 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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wow. i always come on here to post when im experiencing some new ailment that no one can diagnose or help me with (currently seem to have some nagging ear infection. heh. worrying about starting to go deaf :( but after reading your situation i almost feel belittled.

sounds awful! i have a friend whos mom has started to get constant hives/itching for the past several years. alot of people around me have began to develop insane health problems in general over the past several years... its just unreal.

anyway, it seems like you are really on to the key with diet/allergies. i think i have a leaky gut and my food intolerance has just amplified over the years. i know that gluten cripples me so i try my best to avoid it... but you said you are already doing that.

if you aren't already, id recommend avoiding all GMOS altogether. more and more research leads me to believe that for whatever reason, all the new genetic engineering and in wheat/gluten specifically is AMPLIFYING food intolerance in a small (but growing!) percentage of the population. it almost starts to feel as if they are trying to weed out the weak genes.

theres a link that will just make you hate the world, if you want to investigate more. anyways, that doesn't help though. lol.

reading over your symptoms i think you might still be living with hidden gluten. it could be in your medication as it is used for binding agents in ALOT of pills!! probably moreso than information is even released about.... just might be something to look into. if you are as gluten intolerant as i seem to be, i know that almost all alcohol has it in it (even most all hard distilled liquor) and that all the Sugar is mostly derived from corn which goes into the gmo world and is bad for different reasons.

i dont know why they are doing this to the world but it really seems to me they have made a huge growing portion of the population sick and unable to process food properly. perhaps the percentage is so small that it can continue to be under-reported but i just cant believe what ive seen happen to my own health and the people around me in the past several years.

another thing you might want to investigate is supplementing probiotics and enzymes. I know they have really helped me lessen my digestive suffering. another avenue to perhaps investigate is natural occuring Antibiotics such as garlic. garlic is one of the most powerful Antibiotics and it can even be a cancer fighter on its own. in addition to that there are substances like Colloidal Silver which may help. i personally want to try to take the Oleander pills extract (about a hundred a month, links around curezone and cancertutor) as it is supposed to help the immune system stabilize in immuno-comprimised people. just another thing im going down the list trying!

good luck. all we can do is investigate different solutions to impossible seeming problems. you seem to be already doing alot for your health, more than me... but id really look into more sources of >>hidden gluten<< and try to eliminate gmos as much as possib

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