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Re: Which dosha is out of balance in someone with Adrenal Fatigue? by #132242 ..... Ayurveda Support Forum

Date:   3/26/2013 9:44:37 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Nervous system/mental confusion problems are all vata related, as are joint problems, dryness, colon problems, gas, constipation, obsessive thoughts, and adrenal burnout.

You should try to not dial in on one specific aspect of a dosha as this will lead to incorrect diagnosis. I had this done TO me by a few practitioners and I learned the hard way - actually I didn't suffer too much I just veered away from ayurveda and discounted it until I started learning about the vata connection. You can be an overweight vata and an underweight kapha, and all manner of combinations in between.

But if you take the whole picture into account then the dosha will reveal itself.

Many of the people on this forum are balancing things out with vata pacifying measures but unaware of it.

There was a poster Sam something who had strong kapha imbalance as well and then I think he hit a brick wall by not addressing vata.


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