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Not sure if my Diet and Protocol is working... by NAMIR ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/6/2013 4:49:40 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Ive been on the Anti Candida Diet for over 4 Months now. Only eating Low Carbs(Turnips), Vegatbles (Mostly raw) and Meats(Chicken, Beef, Fish) I also take Coconut oil 8 teaspoons a day. Oregano Oil (3-4 drops, 4x day) GrapeFruit Seed Extract(10-20 Drops, 4-5x day). Also Caprylic Acid Pills, 2 Pills 3X a day. 30Billion CFU "Healthy Origins" Probiotic Pills per day with Lunch and Dinner.

Candex - 2 pills a night and two in the morning. (last 30 days)

I recently had my blood, urine tests done...and I have Vitamin D deficincy and low my Hollistic Doctor is having me take 5000IU Vitamin D, and Phyto-ADR(Adrenaline Gland Booster).

Orginally when I started the Diet I had brainfog, tingling all over my body, Sorethroat, Stiffness in head and neck. But I really didnt have any Stomach\Digestion issues which is more common? Now after 4 + months of dieting, most of the systemic issues have subsided, but starting 6-7 weeks ago Ive been really having stomach and digestion issues. 3-4 months ago, I could eat Brown Rice, Brown Rice Crackers, Avacados, small amount of Beans without symptoms. Now if I eat a half of an Avacado I feel raging pain in my stomach and the back of my head..and it takes hours for symptoms to go away.

Also in the 4-5 weeks, I seem to wake up at night with yeasty bubbling in my gut at night evey night, To lessen this I try to eat a light dinner before 6pm. Also taking Candex for this which doesnt seem to help much.

I dont dare to eat Brown rice anymore. So it seems like my diet is getting more and more time goes by. Is that normal??

Greatly Appreciate any Advice!


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