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What's Your Toxocara Treatment Experience? by debb94 ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   4/8/2013 11:58:35 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Hello, For various reasons (which I won't get into here) I'm fairly certain I have Toxocara with visceral larva migrans (VLM). I'm currently waiting on health insurance to kick in so that I can get a blood test done. I'm fairly certain I've had this for some time but doctors don't want to take it seriously - in that time, it's waned a bit here and there and has come on with a vengance at other times (like now). In the process I've become VERY allergic to all sorts of things including many medications - to put it mildly. For that reason I'm terrified to try Albendazole (or similar drug). From my perspective, I think a lot of meds "set off" the parasite and create havoc for several weeks before settling down again. I'm going to have to try only part of an Albendazole tablet in the beginning to see if I can tolerate it. WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR HERE: HONEST responses from those that definitely had Toxocara with VLM and your experiences with medication to treat it. Did you get sick? If so exactly how and for how long? How long until you felt better. I CANNOT take steroids at all to blunt some of the herx effects, so I'm wondering if that will make the die-off worse in anyone's experience. Thanks!! :) -------------------------------------------- BTW, believe it or not I am a trained lab tech with a specialty in infectious diseases, but have been too sick to work for >6 yrs. Sometime soon (when I feel a little better) I will post my whole story & how in the US we are really trained to focus on mostly protozoal parasitic infections, or malaria, etc. but not the "worms".

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