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Re: Results of Big Yogurt Project: What kills good intestinal bacteria? by ericbakker ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/24/2013 2:50:52 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Very interesting work, but I for the life of me, I absolutely cannot possibly see how an experiment in a "yogurt maker" could even slightly resemble the complex milleau of the gastrointestinal tract!

This is where people make assumptions and mistakes are made, such as "caprylic acid kills all beneficials". Did you also do a complete analysis of each and every bacterium in the yogurt and then compare it to the levels found in the GI tract?

The digestive tract is a very complex environment for many hundreds of different species of bacteria, unlike a yogurt maker, a rather simplistic but interesting view.

A nuclear bomb would behave rather differently with a "controlled" detonation in your backyard in comparison to when being dropped in a vast desert. I would expect different kinds of damage, and a hell of a lot more damage to your backyard than buildings placed many miles away in that desert. There would be an almost infinite amount of variables involved too, the climate, air flow, precipitation, etc, could account for different kinds of damage on a much wider scale in that desert when compared to your garden.

I just can't see the relevance of this experiment. I've used caprylic acid for many years and only noticed improvements when taken intelligently. If "all" the beneficials were wiped then I would surely have noticed this rather quickly with the many thousands of patients I have made this recommendation for.

Of course garlic wipes beneficials, but also just about every kind of parasite, bacterium, etc. Less competition of good and bad means a quicker beneficial re-growth I'm sure, I have seen stool tests go from a NG (nil growth) to +++ rather quickly when it comes to lacto. acid.

Have you yourself treated patients with caprylic acid? I'd be interested to know, as you almost seem "in favor" of Diflucan which has caused more harm to my patients than many other meds have. I'd never recommend pharma drugs when it comes to candida.


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