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I want medicine, not supplements by hawskfan9325 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   4/24/2013 7:31:02 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Ok. So, after waiting around for almost 3 months. I have realized "natural medicine" has no legitimate program for severe AF. Upon realizing this, and failing to appreciate and accept both Dr Wilson, and Dr. Lam's protocol's, I am taking the conventional route. I am done with supplements, as most supplements I've used for AF actually lower cortisol, which is why I feel worse. I am starting on 25-30 mg's of a physiological dose of Hydrocortisone, and possibly Armour NDT later on. I will be adding in the following supplements slowly too..

1. Calcium-Magnesium 500-1000 Calcium a day
2. Zinc Gluconate 50 Mgs
3. Brewer's Yeast
4. Panto Acids 500 for Bfast, 250 at Lunch. Gelatin Capsules, Vitamin Shoppe
5. Iodine 150 *mcg* and selenium 100 mcg in your program, and possibly the trace lithium orotate 500 mcg, for basic
thyroid nutrition.
6. Vitamin D 1,000 IU
7. Vitamin C 1,000 -2,000 Mgs Early morning or early afternoon.

I'm sick of ND's and practitioners who know less than me about AF, and I don't like the Lam model, even though he is a genius when it comes to AF. Let's be honest, natural medicine has made everyone of us sicker at some point. My old ND almost killed me, and had I followed through with the NB rubbish, I'd be dead. I am also determined to find the cure for all those suffering with AF, ME, CFS, CFIDS. etc. It's an upline problem, but the only thing I have seen great success with is fixing the downline, i.e, replacing cortisol, in physiological doses. Dr Williams Jeffries called this Non-Addisons Hypoadrenia. I will heal, and I will get better. Enough with the supplements, and the copper crap, and parasites, candida, etc. I am focusing on cortisol only. I will check back once a month to update you all on my progress. It's not a linear process, but it starts tomorrow. I had to beg to get HC, even after Mayo Clinic said my adrenals were fine. You can order it online too, w/o an RX.

This is my private email. If anyone needs anything, email me here..

Good luck, and I wish the best of health to everyone on here. AF sucks so bad, that I want to just give up somedays, but I have decided that I want and need to get better.

God Bless, and Lots of Love


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