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..there is no MD help . by fungihomeworld ..... Morgellons Disease Forum

Date:   4/25/2013 8:22:09 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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URL: long as the official government health agency
[CDC for example]
position is "there is no such disease as "Morgellons"..
..and the "unexplained dermopathy" is for the most
part a delusion of mentally ill people who need to be
under psychiatric care and properly medicated with mind
altering drugs...[...poor things...]

...once the first "doctor" [so called] enters the
"delusions of parasitosis" diagnosis in your medical
record..any "treatment" for the Morgs is a lost hope.
You are states that fact in your medical record.
Now..go see one of the head shrinkers in our system..and
don't come back here. We [m.d.'s..] can't [won't] help

I've been running a hopeless maze since 2007 trying to get
ANY doctor to so much as run a proper test..on ANY sort
of specimen...morg specimen..urine specimen..anything.
Hopeless. Even the derm docs would not so much as
examine the lesions with so much as a dime store magnifying
glass. Instant diagnosis of DOP..and handed a list of many
psychiatrists in their hospital system.

The m.d.'s are persistent in their demands that a morgie
get signed off by a shrink..just last may I made one last
attempt at getting help for what apparently was a
massive morg infestation of the prostate..i could no
longer walk...hardly stand up. Doc knew exactly what
to do..have me lie down "for a moment" while she
called the police and the paramedics to take me
to a shrink for evaluation. [..took most of an hour
of chatting with the 2 cops..they gave up..obviously
I was not "crazy".]
The VA medical system is now taking
their turn totally ignores my requests for
help..and won't even look at the fiber filled urine specimens.
[..poor fellow...can't imagine where he finds those tiny stuff into the sample bottle. Dedicated loony
that one is..]'s a clever ploy..really it is.. works. Give the devil his due and all that.
Once the patient has been properly flagged as "mentally ill"..he is no longer a problem for the MD's. You are a
psych patient. The shrinks will just keep upping the
doseage of "brain drain" juice..until you no longer care
that you are being eaten alive. Time passes...and the
problem patient eventually dies. Problem solved.
Clever no? Of course it is.

You may find some limited help from Naturopathic doctors..
who are not bound to the "code of silence" of the m.d.'s.
However..many of them are as lost and confused by morgs as
their patients. If they are pursuing a "cleansing and detoxifying" will probably be of great help
in reducing the morgs damage. A "cure" is not to be
anticipated. There are some who claim to be "cured"
of the Morgs when the skin lesions fade out. However..
this is not a "skin disease". It is a systemic disease.
The fibers..however microscopic..are are the
particles that the fibers grow from..and the bacteria that
spawn the particles.

I suspect that pretty much everyone in the USA..and most
of the "civilized" world is infected. It seems to take
several to many years for the obvious symptoms [lesions, fibers] to become obvious. I was growing herds of tiny
blisters that came..and slowly faded over months..for over
ten years before the "sheep hit the fan".


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