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The Cure [2] by Richard05 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   4/26/2013 12:27:19 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I know some people here are afraid to talk about spirituality. I received good messages by PM, but if you are in anonymity, do not be afraid to discuss this on the forum. I know some of you really understood my message. Others do not understand. I just wanted to give you guys another vision beyond the science. As I said in my post, you guys can be cured with any type of treatment.

If you guys think the best treatment is the Mike Pylon ... do it ... but with faith that it will cure you. If the treatment of Daniel Miller is the best for you .... do the same.

I just think some people here like to punch in knifepoint. It is necessary to make the effort to change your life to be cured...not something you can do in only one week or one month. It does not depend on this bearded old man in the sky or just the science... you can do your own healing. When a person says he already tried what I said ... he's not wasting your time arguing about disease. When a person creates kind of environment to belittle the next, he is doing harm to yourself. As the topic title with the irony that was created to reduce the mine.

Sometimes a disease does not change the person. Some need to have to be between life and death to realize that a large part of his life was a mistake. The same mistakes are repeated in various incarnations. The forgetfulness of incarnations is necessary for your evolution. Consciences that evolved do not need the physical body to do its job. Primitive people like us need an experience to become better people. Sometimes a video image makes a person seem real... So, I posted the video below showing in a medium, John of God, removing brain cancer.

When you get sick, you have already created a negative circle around it with negative energy. Those searching for spirituality will know what is this circle.
I only say ... it does not want its evolution. But it is you who is the main cause of your disease. Depressing and negative things I read here .... makes me feel like I was primitive.

The REAL CURE is when you first heal your soul.

Today I know that I had a disease that made me change for the better. From now on, I will try as much as possible to help the next. I know some people do not want to hear this message today, but life itself will bring you a message of spirituality.

Now that I have done my part in this forum, I am leaving.

I hope everyone here can find peace and be healed as I am...not only in disease, but also in mind.


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