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Just over 3 months post Mirena removal by Kellyc180 ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   5/6/2013 8:01:46 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I have posted a fair few topics in the Mirena IUD forum, some aski g questions and some offering advice.

I have my Mirena removed on 25th January ( just over 3 months ago). My symptoms with it in were: anxiety, panic attacks, mo they Depression when period was due, no period, weight loss, appetite changes, lowered sex drive... The list continues.

The worst symptoms for me were Depression and anxiety as I have never had these before the Mirena.

Since removal it has been a rollercoaster to say the least. I had a bad crash after removal, I am on a strict diet from a naturopath, I have acupuncture, my cycle is regular (28 day cycle) my period is very short only lasting 2 days (used to be 5 days). On the first day I am in agony and have to take time off work.

I am 100% sure I have a hormone imbalance, due to cravings, depression, episodes of anxiety and general feeling of being unwell which seems to follow my monthly cycle. I feel at my best from days 16-24 ( after ovulation). I have a panic attack at ovulation, and a day before period starts. I have very bad Depression from days 4 to 14 (ovulation).

I am waiting for hormone test results to come back but as usual I am expecting my doctor to just turn around and say 'your hormones are within range'.

I seem to be the opposite to most women, I feel best during second half of my cycle. This is all doing my head in!

As much as the diet and acupuncture have helped with a lot of symptoms I really don't know what to do to get better or what is REALLY wrong right now?!

I just want my normal happy adventurous self back.

FYI I keep getting reoccurring endometriosis and have had 3 laparoscopies for it. I am worried I have ovarian cysts which cause massive bloating and sharp stabbing pains during period but doctor doesn't want to look in to this further.


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