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Re: Dental treatment by socalgrl ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   5/7/2013 10:06:52 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Continue to OP. Find the best oil that works for YOU. Don't become discouraged if you have detox reactions. Read up on this subject until you become an expert.

As far as the deep cleaning, I can't really suggest either way, it is a personal decision except to say IMHO I don't think it would hurt to start "clean" with all that "stuff" out of your gums. As long as you trust the dentist or hygienist doing the cleaning.

Yes, I have heard about he root canal'ed teeth getting infected and if I knew then what I know now I would NEVER have had 3 root canals. I had my Amalgams removed 25+ years ago and replaced with composites. 3 of those teeth on different occasions remained sensitive and I did not know it at the time but that is normal and would have most likely gone away. My dentist was as clueless as I was so he suggested the root canals. Long story short, I don't think I would personally remove the teeth. I have been OP for 2-3 months and it has helped me already but your experience will be different and so will your detox reactions. I don;t have many, some itching but it goes away. My DH had the trots for several days but he was OP 2x-3x/day and whatever was in there is now gone and so is his high blood Sugar numbers.

And the other poster, Mourne is correct about watching your eating patterns. Certain foods contribute to bacteria etc. both in the mouth and through the body. COQ10 is good to add to your daily OP too, it helps with gum regrowth (takes a LONG time) as well as absorption through the mouth. I used to buy it in liquid form but they stopped making it so you can try to open up a softgel and use that instead. Do a search on this forum for COQ10 and you will see a lot of threads suggesting that as well as how much to use.

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