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I literally can't eat ANY carbs (Not even Garlic) by Wild0ne ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   5/8/2013 2:49:11 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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To save you some time, I will simply start by saying that I have been infected for quite some time with parasites (insatiable hunger/cravings, tingling in stomach, itchy anus, brain fog, bloating, dizziness, crawling skin etc.) However as of lately it seems my symptoms are more apparent than ever before. I have gone to 2 doctors that have ruled out everything else. My blood cell count is low. I have lost 20 lbs in the past year and my mom is convinced I have an eating disorder because my diet has become more and more limited. I have not gotten a parasite examination done because my mom thinks I'm crazy but also because I've heard that stool samples are often inaccurate, and chemical pharmaceuticals rarely work in effectively killing parasites (since there are so many & many different types).

Right now it has gotten to the point I literally cannot eat ANY carbs without experiencing a negative reaction. Within 2-3 minutes of ingesting ANY sugars such as Broccoli, Asparagus, and even GARLIC! I experience a myriad of symptoms: Acute abdominal pains/bloating/tingling in stomach; A strong sudden craving for hunger (even if I just ate a full meal); horribly smelling toxic gas; brain fog; dizziness; nausea; heart palpatations; and extreme insomnia. Having a stalk of asparagus is enough Sugar to activate my symptoms so that I literally can not fall asleep at all that night, or I will get a light 2-3 hours at most. Once I eat a "trigger" food and my parasites become "activated" I always experience all the symptoms mentioned simultaneously.

I know it sounds crazy and if I didn't experience it for myself I wouldn't believe someone who told me this. It sounds too ridiculous to be true. But I have no other ideas of who to turn to for support other than the people at this forum (who have helped a lot I should say in managing my symptoms). I have also experienced these parasite "activation symptoms" from gelatin (in capsules), any roasted nuts, and even from drinking 8 oz of water from a drinking fountain (these guys must be feeding off chlorine or a metal of some sort... At home I use a water distiller.) So right now my diet is very, VERY limited. The only, and I really do mean only foods I have found which do not "Feed" my parasites include: Olive oil, all raw nuts/seeds, meats, fish, dark leafy greens, eggs, avocado, spirulina & wheatgrass. I still make sure my body is getting sufficient calories as I eat all those foods mentioned on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, I am convinced I eat the most calories of anyone in my family even with my limited diet. BUT... I can't tolerate anything else. Whenever I try to introduce a new food it fails. "Healthy" foods which I have found to directly feed my parasites include ALL vegetables except leafy greens (even Broccoli, Asparagus, etc.), Garlic (Yes, my worms LOVE garlic), Healthforce vitamineral green powder, and ALL fruits except Avocado (which I now eat ~4/day). I can't even tolerate "seasoning" or "natural flavoring" that is often hidden in meats without activating these worms.

This is an ongoing process of trial and error and I have been trying to adhere to this diet now for a few weeks, Although I occasionally have slip-ups such as accidentally eating roasted nuts, gelatin capsules, tap water, garlic....All of which have been triggers. Once I food has caused the symptoms mentioned I have no choice but to eliminate it. If I go a full 3 days without any "Slip-ups" in my diet, I notice my symptoms disappear 95%. I literally start to feel better than I have felt in a long time. It's like dawn right before sunrise... I start to gain healthy weight, muscle cramps disappear, my stomach stops tingling, I get a full 7-8 hours of sleep per night. It is truly unbelievable how noticable the difference is from when my parasites are "Active" vs "Dormant". The problem is the symptoms can reappear again just like THAT with the slightest food intolerance.

I am just about to start on my second bottle of NOW foods Black-Walnut Wormwood clove bottle. I took the first one a couple weeks ago and I definitely noticed a lot of die off symptoms, but evidently these little buggers have not nearly gone away. I also recently (yesterday) bought some oregano oil and cayenne pepper at my local health food store. I plan to start using those soon but I am slightly concerned of the safety of these remedies (mostly just oregano oil...I'm not concerned with Cayenne).

It honestly wouldn't be that bad if I wasn't currently living with my family (I'm home for the summer from college). This is by far the hardest part!! They look and see a kid who eats the same exact food everyday and is severely underweight. They must think I'm crazy. Heck, I probably would too if I were them. My Dad thinks my solution to gaining weight is eating Pizza, ice cream, and cookies. I tell my mom I know I have parasites and she is convinced I need to see a psychiatrist and a nutritionist. I'm completely on my own guys are all I got. Any advice/stories you'd like to share relating your experience or any suggestions you think would help? Also, how is it even possible that my parasites are so damn Sugar hungry that they even enjoy feasting on foods like GARLIC and BROCCOLI, I mean wtf? I thought eating these foods was supposed to cure parasites not feed them...... :|

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